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Professional Movers

Moving is never a task anyone looks forward to.  By using the services of Professional Movers, you can focus on all the other details that need attending to when moving yourself and family.  Whether you are moving locally or long distance, the cost of hiring a Professional mover is well worth it (and may be Tax deductible if the move is part of a job search/relocation).  Additionally any reputable Professional Mover is insured against any damage that may occur to your possessions during the move, this coverage is often not available when you choose to "Do it yourself".   When hiring a Professional Mover in your area,  always get at least 3 quotes.

Moving can be a stressful time especially if you are moving to another state.  One of the most challenging aspects of moving can be choosing a moving company. Since most of us don’t move very often we have little experience in this area.  The information below may help give you an edge on this aspect of your move.

When choosing a moving company, try to get an estimate from several companies at the same time.   In a long distance move, the charge is usually determined by the weight of your household items and the distance you are moving. Therefore, it is imperative that you give the mover an accurate account of everything he will be moving.  

There are a couple of different kinds of estimates so you should make sure you know  what kind you are getting. A “Non Binding” estimate is basically just a best guess. It may actually end up costing more or less depending on the final weight of your household. A “Binding” estimate is binding and you will be expected to pay that amount whether your goods weigh more or less. You can also get a “Not To Exceed” estimate in which you will never pay more than the binding price, but you may pay less if your items end up weighing less than the estimate. When you are comparing estimates from different movers, it is best to compare the same type of estimate.

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When talking to them moving company, make sure you discuss the details of the move.  You may consider having them pack up all your items, or you can pack the small things away and have them just move the boxes and furniture.  If you have items that require special care like a piano or pool table, you will need to make sure the mover can handle these sensitive items.

Discuss the payment arrangements with the mover ahead of time.   Also remember, not all movers accept personal checks so be sure to have the right type of payment on hand so your move will go off without a hitch!

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