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Home Inspection

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Home Inspection can be the most important thing you do prior to purchasing a new home. It is very important to have a Professional do your Home Inspection.  The easiest way to find a professional to complete your home inspection is to go to ServiceMagic where you can find up to 4 qualified Home Inspectors within 24 hours.

Purchasing a "new" house can be a burdensome task. A home inspection can offer some additional clarity and understanding about the home, at a time when you may have doubts.

Through the home inspection process, you will be able to obtain specific information concerning the various aspects of the house. Often a detailed, easy to read report will be provided at the completion of the inspection by the company or person doing the work.

When an home inspector finds a defective furnace, leaky roof, unsafe wiring or plumbing, you may be able to negotiate a reduced price to the homebuyer and a savings of the repair costs.

Presenting an home inspection report to the mortgage officer at your financial institution provides independently substantiated proof that the property is, indeed a good investment.

An home inspection report presented to your insurance agent can facilitate the proper coverage.

Gain a proper perspective of the maintenance and type of repairs that may be necessary.


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