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Home Security

A Home Security System can provide the additional safety and security to give you peace of mind.  A monitored Home Security System can also reduce your Home Insurance premiums.

  • Is Your house a Safe Place for you and Your Family?  

    These are the adages by which many have lived for generations, but when your house falls victum to intruders and the ravages of natural and man-made disasters you and your family are affected in ways that go far beyond the four walls of a house.

    On a human level your house and the property that surrounds it, the assets that accompany it, are the physical containers for your family and they are replaceable. Memories, occasions, holidays, personal milestones, and daily life are the real irreplaceable things at stake when it comes to making your house safe and secure.

    Solution #1: Systems and Alarms
    Do you automatically think professionally installed security system when the topic of house security and burglar alarms comes up? If so, you are in company with millions of other Americans that install a comprehensive security system each year.

    A number of manufacturers of such security and alarm systems have become leading national and regional providers. These companies do everything from manufacture the system components, package and install security and alarm systems, and provide 24/7/365 alarm monitoring. All have track records of system stability, reliability and their names alone serve as a criminal deterrent.

    Solution #2: House and Car Security Products
    Security and safety products such as basic burglar alarm systems, door and window detectors, motion detectors and sirens, are critical components in many security systems. Find out what elements comprise a basic house burglar alarm system. And what about house safety devices and detectors? What do you really need to secure your house and keep your family safe? There are some crazy people in this world, and you need to protect your family.

    Remember, your house doesn't end at the four walls of your house. Your property, including garage, outbuildings, workshop, children’s play area and car, boat, motorcycle are all extensions of “house security.” Does your security system or plans for one include these?

    Solution #3: House Safety Strategies
    If you go to trouble to install a security system, or carve out a weekend for a do-it-yourself house alarm project, it’s because you have imagined some of the things that could happen to your family:

    • You could be the victim of burglary or other intrusion.

    • Your property could fall prey to vandalism.

    • You could have a car or boat stolen.

    • Fire could engulf your property and threaten the safety of house and family.

    • You could have a major malfunction in one of your house’s critical systems, such as the heating system or plumbing system.

    • You or a loved one could be stricken with a sudden and debilitating medical emergency.

    • You could suffer an accident: a fall or electrocution.

    Use the house safety guide as a blueprint when planning or reviewing your family’s safety strategy.
    A house becomes a home—learn everything you need to know about keeping it safe from hazards and outsmarting criminals.

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