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Debt Settlement

What is Debt Settlement?

Don't pay a bill collector without researching debt settlement 1st!

Regardless of the amount of Debt you owe, you can achieve financial freedom .  With a Debt Settlement program, companies will work with your creditors so that they will accept a lower amount as full settlement of your debt.

Through established relationships  with creditors and financial institutions, the following companies are able to successfully negotiate your debts at a substantial discount. Creditors are willing to negotiate  debts on your behalf with the understanding that the settled amount will be paid in a timely manner. They are here to help you with debt negotiation and consolidation by providing you with high quality service and sharing profits after each generated lead.

Freedom Debt Relief - Freedom Debt Relief's program is an aggressive approach to becoming debt free.  Specifically developed for people with a serious level of debt and who are having a hard time making their monthly payments, the program provides a financial solution to get you out of debt without filing for bankruptcy .

Freedom Debt Relief's people will deal with you creditors to negotiate and settle your debts.  You'll make 1 payment each month for up to 50% less than your current minimum monthly payment and in as little as 18 to 42 months you could be debt free.

You can call Freedom Debt and speak with a representative at 1-800-227-1119.


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