Online Degrees

Don't have time to attend college, but still want to get your degree.  There are online college degree and online MBA degree programs in many fields. Take the classes you want, when you want and earn your college degree online. 

Online learning is fast, flexible and affordable. As a student, you'll attend classes from home, at your own pace, without giving up your job. The career you want is within reach!

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Online Degrees

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If you need to get your GED:

Think of InstantCert as your high-speed, completely portable, interactive learning center.

Instead of being forced to drive for hours to sit for hours in a lecture hall and instead of being required to plow through hundreds of boring pages that "pay back" your big investment of time with a small amount of learning...

InstantCert Academy puts you in charge of the classroom

Entirely web-based and "stripped down" to the bare essentials, our GED preparation materials allow you to study early in the morning, late at night, or while the kids are at school. And if you have a wireless connection,

You can make every moment count -- study anywhere you wish, day or night.

Our tests and learning tools are student-friendly, but they're lean and mean. We've developed an approach to test prep that allows you to study more effectively...which means less time, less effort, and MORE REWARDS that come from having your high school diploma.

Online Degree Information: Accreditation is formal recognition, or a guarantee of sorts, that an entire school or one of its programs of study meets certain standards and provides quality education. In the United States, schools and/or programs of study may be accredited by one of six regional agencies, a specialized accrediting agency, or a state agency. Simply put, distance learning is the delivery of education in which the instructor and students are not in the same classroom. It builds on the idea that students are learning all the time you don't have to be sitting in a classroom listening to an instructor deliver a lecture about a particular topic to learn about that topic.

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Don't have time to attend college, but still want to get your degree. Click here For additional information on some Online Degree offers available.

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