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Medical Alarm and Air Ambulances

Medical Alarm (pendants or bracelets) automatically call an Emergency Response Center to notify designated doctor, family and friends of an emergency. Medical Alarms can provide added security and safety from falls and other risks for seniors at home or in assisted living facilities.  Pushing the Medical Alarm button puts you in 2-way communication with Medical Alarm monitoring center, so they can send out help.

Air Ambulances are critical if you live in a remote area, an area with high traffic congestion or any other situation that might prevent you from getting to a hospital if a severe illness or accident occurred.

What are the benefits of a Medical Alarm? 

"Robert Rouch, ED.D., Director of the Texas Consortium of Geriatrics Education Centers at the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and his colleague Thomas A. Teasdale, DR. P.H., Assistant Professor at the same facility have been studying how a Personal Emergency Reporting System can impact the lives of community-residing elders who live alone. In the mid-1990's, they conducted a retrospective review of data looking at how the use of such systems affects hospital utilization rates. They found subscribers using a Medical Alarm System had a statistically significant decrease in per person hospital admissions and inpatient days. "We found that (Medical Alarm Systems) made a significant positive difference in the lives of subscribers in three areas: subscribers experienced a greater sense of security and peacefulness, they had a greater sense of vitality or pep and energy, and they felt more confident in carrying out their daily routine." explained Dr. Roush. "We also found compelling evidence that once familiar with a personal response service, many study participants wanted to continue service and were willing to drop out of the study in order to do so. "I cannot overstate the value of telephone reassurance," said Dr. Teasdale. "Many users, especially those who are home-bound, are comforted knowing they can speak to a telephone monitor at anytime, even if it is only to make sure the device is working properly" "Another powerful benefit," continued Dr. Teasdale, "is that a personal response service supports neighborly communication. Many subscribers ask neighbors and friends to be in their cascade of emergency numbers. It is heartwarming to hear of instances when this request prompts people to renew acquaintances with their neighbors.""


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