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Disability Insurance Coverage


Disability Insurance Coverage is insurance coverage that provides monthly payments, up to a specified amount, for a specific time period after a covered illness or injury occurs. Disability Insurance Coverage must be purchased prior to your illness or injury. Disability Insurance Coverage provides a way to protect your income and your standard of living if you become Disabled and can no longer work.

What is disability insurance?


It is income paid to you weekly or monthly when you canít work because of sickness or injury. The pay out provided may be stated as a percentage of income or as a set dollar amount. The policy defines how much you will be paid, how soon after you are disabled payments appear in your mailbox, and when they will cease. Benefits periods may depend on whether the disability was caused by an accident or illness. The longer the benefit period, the higher the premium will be.


Since 1993, InsureMe has helped countless people  save money on their Disability Insurance Coverage needs.

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