Endless Pools

An Endless Pool is a counter-current swimming and water exercise machine that is small enough to fit inside a home or business.

The Pool features an adjustable current that allows you to swim or exercise in place. The current is broad and deep, and is suitable to every swimming ability and fitness need. You can also set the temperature precisely, based on preferences and needs.

Endless Pools

Swim at Home in an Endless Pool!

The advantage of an Endless Pools is how limited space can be easily converted into limitless possibilities. Endless Pools, measuring just 8' x 15', often referred to as a swimmer's treadmill, provides all the benefits of a full-size swimming pool in a fraction of the space.

The Endless Pool’s adjustable current caters to swimmers of all skill levels.

All Endless Pool components can fit through a standard doorway making installation possible in almost any area of your home.

Ideal for swimming, exercise, therapy and fun.

Endless swimming pools are simple to maintain, economical to run, and easy to install inside or out.

Endless Pools - Swim at Home

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