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Online Dating:

If you’ve recently found yourself back in the dating game, consider this transition as an opportunity to re-invest in yourself. It doesn’t matter what did, or didn’t happen in your last relationship, what matters now is that you have the opportunity to correct any shortcomings that are keeping you from realizing your full potential. Try working on these three areas to ensure you‘re ready to attract your ideal mate.

How full is your soul?
When the sex slows down, the body starts to sag and the money run low, will you have anything else to offer your mate? Having a strong faith will help you to weather any and all storms.

How fit is your body?
If you don’t want to look at yourself naked, why would anyone else? Physical appearances tell us a lot about the health (and future health) of our potential significant other.  Being in shape allows candidates know that you aren’t planning on spending your golden-years bed ridden, unable to move and expecting them to provide care.  If you aren’t in great shape: hire a trainer, buy a workout DVD or follow a fit friend.  Do whatever it takes to get into the best shape of your life and stay there; realizing your dreams is worth any cost.

How sharp is your mind?
One of the best way to learn is to teach, so teach your significant other how to replicate your success.  If you give your spouse the knowledge of how to create their dream life, you’ve given them the keys to the kingdom of heaven and they will spend the rest of their lives thanking you.

The bottom line is that no one or nothing will ever make you completely happy.  You’re job may  disappoint you, your friends will let you down, your spouse will one day die, and everything else of physical nature will expire. Your mate is in your life to help you grow towards Love, not to bring you constant bliss and fulfill your every desire; only God can do that.

Instead of wishing for someone that will “complete you”, complete yourself and become the person you would want to marry. 

Dating is like building a home, you need to start with a plan (a vision of what you want when you are finished), build a strong foundation (beginning with making yourself someone you love and are proud of), put together a framework that is adaptable to change during the courting period, and then ensure you never forget about the little details that make the house/relationship the place you want to spend your life in/with.

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